Precut-structured buildings are the quick builder’s choice

A precut building is suitable for you if you do not wish to spend years on the construction process, but you would still like to have a high-quality result. Precut-structured houses are delivered in parts to your worksite, ready marked and packed according to work phases. All joints are pre-machined and slotted. Precut buildings provide an easy solution for the builder, compared to e.g. item delivery. The material loss is very small.

The benefits of precut buildings

Precut is suitable for different kinds of detached houses and leisure buildings. The surface materials and insulation can be freely chosen indoors and outdoors.

  • Quick to build, structures are not exposed to the weather for long.
  • High-quality parts, high-quality whole.
  • The parts are cut to size and ready marked.
  • The possibility of moisture damage in the construction phase is very low.
  • Energy-friendly, well-insulated and traditional.

A safe solution, no problem with water damage

The common problem with construction work is structures getting wet in the construction phase, which causes moisture damages in the ready building. In precut houses, the frame of the house is assembled first, and the house is built on it. First you make the roof trusses, roofing underlayment, and water roof. Only after this, the walls are constructed. Getting the frame wet is not a problem, because it will dry in open air. Precut buildings are built in place, and they are very well insulated.

Delivery content

The delivery can contain certain parts or a complete wooden part delivery. The building model may be your own, individual design made with our help, or one of our ready building models.

Take a look at our building models.

What about assembly and and transport?

Read more about our assembly service and transport service.

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