CLT structures (Cross Laminated Timber)

CLT structures are made by gluing a wooden board from crosswise stacked layers. In this wooden board, the glulams (wooden board layers) have been edge-glued together. In other words, CLT is a construction board made from massive wood. Our selections include popular products made of CLT board. CLT elements are non-sagging, dimensionally accurate, airtight and fireproof.

The benefits of CLT structures

  • Entire boards reduce the time used on designing.
  • Large boards ready for assembly make the construction quicker.
  • CLT structures are easy to connect to beam and column structures.
  • When the CLT structures are placed on the warmer part of the external wall structure, mold and moisture damage risks are nearly non-existent.
  • They balance out moisture variation in indoor air, and therefore a healthy solution for asthmatics.

CLT is suitable for many different sites

CLT products are used in public buildings, commercial buildings, hall buildings, apartment buildings and detached houses. They are an ecological and cost-effective alternative. CLT structures are versatile, which provides a possibility for versatile architectural design. All in all, CLT structures are an affordable, energy-economic alternative.

An environmentally friendly and strong solution.

We use formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly adhesives in the gluing process. CLT boards become strong by using cross-lamination. The structure is extremely airtight. The tailored CLT construction boards are made ready for assembly at our cooperation partner’s factory. The large size of the CLT boards enables quick building and minimises the number of butt joints between the boards.

  • CLT boards have 3, 5, 7 or more cross-glued wooden board layers.
  • Environmentally friendly adhesives are used in the gluing process.
  • CLT products are provided in large, 2.95 m x 16 m boards.

Our cooperation partners include some of the largest and most trusted wood product manufacturers in Europe.

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